Skyline Death

Debut album released on Eternal Dragonz, 2018.

Skyline Death is a fictional demo CD found among the wreckage of a heavenly car crash.

RnB, improvisation, and trance have always been at the heart of the sounds closest to me. Cantonese ballads, improvisation and jazz, trance in early '00s k-pop and EDM all share a love for saccharine melodies and unrestrained emotion.

While touring as a DJ between 2016-2018, I met artists across Asia who were emulating the sounds of RnB, rap, grime and the club that they heard coming out of the west. At the same time, a lot of American music trends were crossing over into k-pop and mutating into a sound of their own. I wanted to create a full body of work that captured that moment in time, and how independent artists were making that sound their own. To write this album I worked with k-pop ghostwriters from Seoul, rappers from Kuala Lumpar, ballad singers from Hong Kong, RnB crooners from Singapore, and grime MCs from Hyogo.

Produced, mixed & written by Tzekin/Justin Tam. Mastered by Sam John at Precise Mastering. Art direction & cover art by Eric Hu.

Songwriting from Veron Xio, Anna Chim, Alice Vicious/Kim Songi, PEIN Vicious, MOLDY/Kim Donghyun, Lilasianthiccie/Joe Tam, Catarrh Nisin, Slodown/Brian Lim.

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Skyline Death Remixes

For the remix album I reached out to close friends, collaborators and co-writers who I was inspired by during the writing of the original album.

Featuring Sam Rui, x/o, MANIIK, et aliae, Strict Face, Ao Wu, Kelvin T, Sonia Calico, and Tracy Chen.

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Hush ft. Alice Vicious - Music Video

'Hush' is what emerged when Veron (x/o) and I wrote a song inspired by the darker sounds in k-pop. Veron wrote a hook over my instrumental, and we co-wrote the lyrics in English. Alice Vicious (an artist from Seoul who's written for TAEMIN and GFRIEND), rewrote the hook with a different flow in Korean.

When shooting the video, director Radge Ratsaphong and I wanted to find spaces that formed part of our collective mythology as Asians in Australia. We picked the edges of highways and suburban bush wastelands in Sydney's south, where I grew up, which often end up as the spaces immigrants are pushed out to.

Starring: Deborah An & Tristan Young. Directed by: Radge Ratsaphong. Produced by: Radge Ratsaphong, Will Robertson & Re Lim @ Entropico Films. DOP: Will Robertson. Production Company: Entropico Films. 1st A/C: Braden Trotter. Wardrobe Stylist: Alexis Aquino. Wardrobe Assistant: Raenee Raenee. Hair & Makeup: Helen Tuck. Nails: Victoria Houllis / Mannequin Hands. Movement Director: Nate Mendelsohn. Stills Photographer: Toby Allen. Editors: Joey Hunter & Radge Ratsaphong. Colorist/Compositor: Scott Sterling. With many thanks to: Harry Hunter, Sam Egan, Joel Amos, James Harvey, David Abram, Sam Smith, Vanessa Hawke, Jennifer Poon, Amelia Zhou, Gian Lacanilao, Rowan Dix and Eb Ratsaphong.

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