Shiatzy Chen SS20

I worked with Nhu Xuan Hua, a French-Vietnamese artist and photographer, on the SS20 campaign for Taiwanese brand Shiatzy Chen.

In the short film, the models pass between an infinite bamboo labyrinth and a liminal void. I wanted to establish aural breadth with the listener, and used sampled knocks, water droplets, and detuned whistles to create a non-ordinary listening space.

The main melodic motifs are played by a treated and distorted Rhodes, which also appears with harmonic stings throughout the piece. Harsh cuts into sub-bass pulls the listener back to the void-space. A countermelody is played by a doubled piano and harp, flowing together as fabric and bamboo. A saturated and widely-panned Rhodes chord touches another sonic space in the listener's ears.

Composed, performed & mixed by Tzekin/Justin Tam. Harp performed by Elysse Cloma. Mastering and additional engineering by Swan Meat.